Tendance Bracelet 2017/ 2018


I Have Autism Bracelet (youth size) I HAVE AUTISM Awareness Bracelet Youth size: ages 6-14 ( 7 inches ). ALERT! This bright yellow silicone bracelet says « I HAVE AUTISM » in cheery blue letters. The back has bright puzzle pieces in red, blue and light blue. Parents have been requesting that we make something like this, so here it is. ***This is for 1(ONE) bracelet. The three bracelets are shown to enable you to see all sides. Autism awareness is extremely important as early diagnosis is beneficial. There are several kinds of thinking as to why there is an increase in the diagnosis of autism. One is that public awareness has increased and with that doctor training has increased leading to more and earlier diagnosis. Wear this bracelet with pride and be ready for the compliments and questions. thehouseofawareness Check out all of our autism awareness jewelry.